Try not to wash with linted items as cloth will pick-up lint and you may transfer it to another surface.

       The best way to clean  mirrors     The best way to clean windows

           * Magic no streak cloths are made in the U.S.A. with ultra fine micro-fiber. This  fine filament is very strong and almost lint-free. It is a combination of polyester with the core being nylon to clean and dust any surface.

         NO FABRIC SOFTENER    Air dry only      no dryer                                      



    * Hand wash with dish soap or detergent.

The best way to clean mirrors and windows




 * This cloth is very soft and plyable and will not damage any surface. The cloth has a magnetic effect which will draw in and hold any dust, or dirt. Each fiber of the cloth is about 200 times thinner than a human hair.


The best way to clean mirrors  The best way to clean windows                                   *The use of the cloth is with water only. No chemicals. You wet the cloth, wring it out as best as possible, and just wipe all your dirt away without leaving any streaks, spots, or lint. The cloth holds 7 times it's weight in water. Dirt gets collected in the spaces between the fibers and remain there until being washed away with the soap or detergent. The cloth is also quick drying as not to allow much of the bacteria growth found in slow drying cloths.


  * Top rack of dishwasher.

   * Washing machine with detergent.