Throw out all your rags     and sponges

Once you use our  magic no-streak cloth   you will never go back to your old ways

Our No Streak Cloths :

   Nano-Fiber is the hottest thing in non-streaking cloths today

            They are made of special micro-fibers that make it almost completely impossible to attract lint or dust particles 


 We are based in south Florida, Broward County area


     We are located at the Festival  Marketplace in Pompano Beach, Florida. You can also find us at local GREEN markets and Festivals through the year. Also you can find us at Mardi Gras Casino Market in the season.

streakfree  spotfree lintfree  magic nostreak cloths keep on working  guaranteed streakfree on mirrors windows   use on all hard non-porous surfaces  streakfree  on granite marble and tile  no streaks on stainless steel or floors


Never use any chemicals again!

 You can keep machine washing over and over again to    extend the life of your cloth.